Game On!

The Sterling Farms Men's Club is the name of the game.

OK, we’re back.  No more dilly-dallying, no more hemming and hawing.  Men’s Club competition will begin next week, so now is the time to sign up.  Please do so online by visiting our website and following the instructions under the Join! button.  We hope to see you soon for a full season of golf.  Thanks.

Jeff Mayfield, President, Sterling Farms Mens Club, April 26, 2020.

There are many barometers of the golf scene at Sterling Farms Golf Course, and chief among them is the Sterling Farms Men’s Club, which has existed since 1972; founded the year the golf course opened for business. I am a bit of a newbie member myself, just barely, having joined last year, and played in just one outing after their real season was over (sign up now, before it’s too late!), but even with my limited exposure and minimal participation, I must say this is one very active golf club!

Singles Welcome

If you are looking to play frequent, and/or regular competitive golf events, then the Sterling Farms Men’s Club (SFMC) is for you. Joining is easy, the cost covers your handicapping, and lots of effort by people who live for the game and all of it’s trimmings. The SFMC offers you a plethora of ways in which to improve your game though competitive play.

Click here to join SFMC.

I hope to get out more with them this year. The club’s members must go back years, as many play together each weekend, and so Jeff Mayfield, the president, circulates an email list of single golfers so players can hook up. I am a PITA when it comes to my timing, so haven’t made too many connections yet, but suspect some of the members out there will eventually sink their teeth into my flesh… it’s only a matter of time.

USGA Tournament Management Premier

The SFMC has a very cool new way for players to post scores and track their positions on leaderboards, sign up for weekly events, etc., via the USGA’s Golf Genius APP. Now, you may not want to fiddle with an APP in the middle of your round, and technology isn’t always perfect, but it’s safer than getting all touchy feely with scorecards and bulletin boards in this COVID-19 era, and the Men’s Club, thanks to board member Mitchell Schepps—who has spearheaded the USGA Golf Genius APP’s integration with the club’s robust calendar of weekly, and special, events—really makes it easy for the members to get in there and use the thing.

“We are excited about using USGA Tournament Management Club Premium, powered by Golf Genius Software to help manage Sterling Farms Mens Club 2020,” Mitchell wrote in his email of 26 April 2020 to each member. Mitchell, whose very welcome SFMC official emails now hit my inbox regularly, seems to have a real handle on the whole thing, and has been very helpful, especially to newbies like me.

“I’ve been active on the Men’s Club board for many years, and recently took on the role of implementing the Golf Genius app for our club,” he wrote to me the other day, after I fired off one of my well-intended, off-beat, emails.

Here’s the new USGA Tournament Management APP’s email system, which Mitchell Schepps oversees. Note how you can just click and button to enter! Now that’s leveraging technology! Click here to go to the SFMC USGA Golf Genius Portal.

Golf Genius APP is worthy of the tech effort.

I’ll confess one more APP is something I don’t need right now, but then… this is for golf!!!! C’mon: If there’s one justification for going the extra tech distance, it’s for the game YOU love, and Lord knows how much time and effort Mitchell, and the whole board over at the SFMC, have put into this project, just for you, yoU, YOU. And, the fact that this APP is so seamless is telling, because anything that simple, takes tons of work!!

The USGA’s Tournament Management Club Premium system seems pretty snazzy! I have yet to post a real score the several weekly events that have occurred thus far, but the APP is a whole lot cleaner than a pencil and scorecard, and you can even see the leaderboard in real time!

This was the leaderboard, on my iPhone 6, during the first event of 2020.

The Sterling Farms Men’s Club (SFMC) is a determined group. They want to play the game, and to a tee. It will take more than COVID-19 to step these golf hounds from the fame and glory that is etched into the halls of fame that live in the memories of their members’ minds. This is a proud lot, but the few I’ve bumped into are just everyday golfers looking for a way to make the best of a golf course unlike any other, and to that end, the SFMC has no equal.

From the desk of Paul grillo, executive director, Stamford Golf Authority

Welcome to Sterling Farms Golfer. Over the past five decades, Sterling Farms has evolved into one of the premiere golf destinations anywhere in the region. We continually strive to maintain, if not exceed, that distinction, and know we owe it all to our Stamford families, friends and neighbors, as well as our patrons like you. Now is the best time of the year to play our spectacular 18 hole championship golf course. Our Golf Course Superintendent, Mike Golden, and his whole team, are leaders in the world of greenkeeping, and we are very proud of the quality of their hard work. I think you'll find our putting greens, fairways, tees, roughs—and every landscape feature here—reflects their devotion and hard work. It is spectacular. Sterling Farms is home to the area's top driving range facility. You won't find a better value, or level of quality, anywhere! We take great pride and joy serving you, and our local community. On behalf of all of us here at Sterling Farms, welcome and thank you!
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