Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare on the Green in July

Lou Ursone, and Curtain Call’s, annual free outdoor Shakespeare on the Green production starts at 7:30pm and runs during July. The stage, cast, and crew are something to behold, and presenting the whole thing under the stars, on a summer night is… spectacular. If anything: Lou’s whole company (cast and crew) are much ado about everything, and the pour their hearts out into every last detail, and through not only the entire play’s performance, but many moons longer before you sit yourself down on your blanket to enjoy the performance.

If you don’t know him, I’ll introduce you: Lou Ursone. He’s the dark-haired fellow with a goatee in the gold trimmed brown vest and white silk shirt. Lous is the heart and soul of the entire theatre program at Sterling Farms, which operates under the name Curtain Call. In my photo, he is playing the part of Shakespeare’s Leonato, and “omnipresent” Italian governor of Messina, at his country estate, where this clever, romantic comedy occurs.

Now, the whole company works so hard on this thing I really don’t even know how to describe the half of it. I visited them several times—during rehearsals, and a couple of performances—not once would I describe the scene as ‘relaxing’! These people are breaking their blinking butts!

But when I sat there, among the spectators, and saw the combined efforts of the performers, the crew… well… it is an amazing sight. Add to that the fact that their costumes, make-up, lighting, and especially the outstanding sound work that is done all bring to the town audience a masterfully conceived theatergoing experience… only… we get to lie around out of doors! Stunning.

For me to get into the whole story is poppycock. I don’t know my ass from my elbow when it comes to Shakespeare, and what little I’ve read took me about twenty once-overs per line! That said, the sandy-haired, and mustached, actor Robert Laughton (pictured with golden-sleeved shirt and white vest) plays a devilish Benedick in this comedy.

He caught my eye early on during the rehearsals, and did a brilliant job when I saw him performing live too. He bobs and weaves in and out of a romance with a gal (character) named Beatrice, performed by Abigail Darin, who I photographed in the red gown (with co-star Charlotte Roth, who plays Hero, Leonato’s daughter behind her to our left).

In the play, Beatrice is in a constant battle of wits with Benedick, and Hero finds herself in all sorts of trouble with her suitor, Claudio, Benedick’s pal. The whole play has a lot of twists and turns, and is riddled with jousting banter all far and above most of our heads (particularly mine), but it’s all good fun if, and when, you ‘get’ (some, or any)  of it… which most people will, if they give it a whirl… and I recommend you do just that next time around!

I also photographed Benedick’s buddy, Claudio (played by Tyler Small). Claudio (in the play) is duped into standing up Hero on their wedding day, and, of course, there was more. You get the basic idea: it’s good fun, outdoors on a summer night, with a big production all just for you. Don’t miss it. Worth the time!

Really good stuff!


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