On a Roll

Golf Ball Roll, Unofficial Test, Hole No. 4

Have I mentioned that it was 66-degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, January 12, 2020? I thought that it was a pretty snazzy day for play, but apparently, the day before, Len and George told me there were over 200 golfers motoring around the course just the day prior!

It was pretty packed on that Sunday too. “Booked until 3:30”, Stamford Golf Authority executive director Paul Grillo texted me, after I begged to get out.

A Good Day Nonetheless

Most of you wouldn’t know it, but I’d saw off my right arm for a round of golf if I just didn’t have to actually deliver on the promise! I love the game that much, however, so the notion of sitting it out on the sidelines while all of golfdom enjoyed what can only be described as an Indian winter (no offense to anyone from India, or of native Indian ancestory… I actually did make it though a full week at Rippowam, ahem….).

Well, I watched them meander about for a few minIn any event, if I failed to mention it was 66-degrees Fahrenheit on that Sunday afternoon, January 12, 2020, it was, and it sure felt like an Indian winter!

The golfers were loving it. Having skipped out for a couple of months, to take care of other snuggling chores, my interviewing skills were as rusty as ever, but that wasn’t about to deter me! (I grabbed an interview or two, some shots, and all of that appears elsewhere, so enjoy.) Meanwhile…

Back to Mike Golden’s Glorious Work

The golf course at Sterling Farms was looking just great in January. The hard work and effort put forth by Mike Golden, his assistant P.J., and the whole crew is (as already mentioned) positively super. I was out there when it was freezing cold, on the first day of the year, and 11 days later, it felt like Bermuda!

The course looks a bit barren right now. There are no leaves on the trees, it’s winter! Still, the course is in fine shape, and I made a small video to show just how well the ball was rolling out there, on the 4th green.

Mind you, this is mid-winter, so we aren’t expecting mid-season tournament conditions… but I must say the greens rolled remarkably well. Certainly well enough to justify the reduced winter green fee prices now being offered!

From the desk of Paul grillo, executive director, Stamford Golf Authority

Welcome to Sterling Farms Golfer. Over the past five decades, Sterling Farms has evolved into one of the premiere golf destinations anywhere in the region. We continually strive to maintain, if not exceed, that distinction, and know we owe it all to our Stamford families, friends and neighbors, as well as our patrons like you. Now is the best time of the year to play our spectacular 18 hole championship golf course. Our Golf Course Superintendent, Mike Golden, and his whole team, are leaders in the world of greenkeeping, and we are very proud of the quality of their hard work. I think you'll find our putting greens, fairways, tees, roughs—and every landscape feature here—reflects their devotion and hard work. It is spectacular. Sterling Farms is home to the area's top driving range facility. You won't find a better value, or level of quality, anywhere! We take great pride and joy serving you, and our local community. On behalf of all of us here at Sterling Farms, welcome and thank you!
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